Beauty Career Training Focused on Skill Mastery Not Hours in a Classroom

Beau Monde student giving a client a manicure in the student salon.

Beau Monde Academy is America’s ONLY Accredited Competency Cosmetology School offering Federal Financial Aid to those who qualify!

Competency Training

Beau Monde Academy of Barbering and Cosmetology is a locally and independently-owned competency-based school. Our focus is preparing future stylist for a successful career in the beauty industry. We are the only accredited competency Cosmetology College in the United States offering Financial Aid to those who qualify.

What is Competency?

Competency simply means that progression through each program is based on the measurement of skill and mastery rather than time (clock hours). Competency allows students to move through their program of study as quickly as they are able to demonstrate mastery in the skill at hand.

Benefits of Competency

Chart titled. Benefits of Competency. The image is of a thick, circular ring divided into three sections. The centre of the ring is blank. The first section has an hourglass and the title Shorter Graduation. Going clockwise, the second section has a dollar sign and the title Lower Cost To Students. Going clockwise, the third section has an open book and the title Control and Ownership of Education.

The Only Thing That Can Never Be Retrieved is Time

Our competency programs allow students the opportunity to complete their course of study in up to half the amount of time as a traditional clock hour program. See the chart below for competency/clock hour comparison.

You Are in the Drivers Seat

Our competency training allows the student to be in control of their progress. With Pivot Point LAB and our Steps To Success students are able to navigate their way to licensure.

Opportunity Cost

Fast track learning allows students to graduate and start a career in the beauty industry quickly. We know going to school has hidden costs in transportation (gas, parking etc.), childcare, and lack of income. The flexibility to graduate sooner means less of these costs.

Competency vs Clock Hour

 Competency (estimated hours/weeks)  Traditional Clock Hour Program
 Cosmetology  1150 hours  33 weeks  2300 hours
 Hair Design  850 hours  25 weeks  1700 hours
 Barbering  675 hours  20 weeks  1350 hours
 Nail Technology  300 hours  9 weeks  600 hours
 Esthetics  250 hours  8-10 weeks  500 hours
 Hair Design + Esthetics  975 hours  28 weeks  1950 hours
 Hair Design + Nail Technology  1025 hours  30 weeks  2050 hours
 Esthetics + Nail Technology  425 hours  13 weeks  850 hours

How Does it Work?

Most traditional learning models hold time constant (clock hours) and let learning vary. In contrast, CBE holds learning constant and lets time vary. Learn more about how Competency-Based Education works at Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology.

Is Competency-Based Training Right For You?

Our friendly and knowledgeable Beau Monde Academy Admissions Representatives are here to help. Book a Tour today to determine the ideal program and career path for you.