Study Abroad

Beau Monde students In ItalyBeau Monde is proud to offer its students the opportunity to study abroad. Beau Monde has taken students to places like Tokyo, Italy, and Paris. While abroad they have the opportunity to see the fabulous tourist attractions and also attend some educational classes put on by Pivot Point. We know that students often get caught up in the city they live in, which is why we want to be sure they have the opportunity to branch out and see what the world is like outside of Portland, Oregon.

Beau Monde and Pivot Point have worked to provide students with a once in a lifetime experience. Because Pivot Point is international we have the ability to visit multiple countries, all of which Pivot Point has a strong presence in. Students are able to visit other Pivot Point schools and see others learning the exact same education around the world. We know this helps to build the confidence of our students because they know that what they are being taught is international.Beau Monde students In Japan